Hey and Welcome

About Me

Hey! I'm HypherionSA, also known as First Dark Development.

I am from South Africa and have been coding since early 2011. I have some popular Windows software, and I also contribute to open-source projects and to other mods and code.

I also have my own maven and jenkins that I share with other users, because why not?

My Goals

Why do I do what I do?

I usually make mods to make my life easier, or, I do something just to say that I also did that. In the process, I share those creations with the world, hoping they also find it useful. My goals are not to be famous, or even make things that say "WOW, I didn't know I needed that", but to learn and better my coding career

My Projects

Simple Discord RPC

Simple Discord Link

Simple Splash Screen

Hyper Lighting